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  • Submitted by creepshades on Jul 19, 12 at 4:09pm

    you've got yourself a goddamn deal.

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    Submitted by ly0ntamer on Jul 20, 12 at 4:46am

    This was an actual convo between R_shackleford and Soljehr.

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    Submitted by papichulokulo on Jul 19, 12 at 9:38pm

    If y'all are banging just to be able to agree to be friends, id love to know how you treat your friends.

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    Submitted by Phys on Jul 19, 12 at 6:52pm

    On my way over and saving time by taking off my clothes on the way over!!

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    Submitted by Dr_Rod on Jul 19, 12 at 4:09pm

    Hahaha... No.

  • Submitted by yeaaaaabuddyyyy on Jul 19, 12 at 8:21pm

    Doesn't work that way, unfortunately. It's hard to be friends after sex

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    Submitted by bigdickplaya on Jul 20, 12 at 12:44am

    I pinky promise we will. Now get the lube.