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  • polar bears are the shit.

    Submitted by duckdown on Jul 14, 12 at 3:41pm
  • Later in the night, Tom will pretend to be a victim of organ harvesting by passing out in said tub full of ice.

    Submitted by Croooooooooow on Jul 15, 12 at 4:15am
  • In the middle of the night, Tom was sleeping on a ping-pong table butt naked holding on to a giant pink Teddy bear, talkin in his sleep saying, "soft kitty warm kitty little ball of furr! Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr!!"

    Submitted by nagusing on Jul 14, 12 at 9:28pm
  • Either that, or he's got a partner who's into necrophilia.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jul 15, 12 at 12:38am
  • @nagusing I'm cracking up in the bathroom because of that. I'm weird.

    Submitted by  on Jul 14, 12 at 10:23pm
  • Shoot him and make a bear skin rug?

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jul 14, 12 at 6:49pm
  • Tom needs to post that to MySpace. Or is it the wrong Tom?

    Submitted by DParson24 on Jul 14, 12 at 8:30pm
    • What is this atlantis like myspace you speak of?

      Submitted by GA_Peach on Jul 14, 12 at 8:42pm
  • Dammit Mr. Brady how many times do we have to tell you no playtime at training camp!

    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Jul 15, 12 at 5:40am
  • Just put a jellyfish in there and let him pretend to be Will Smith ;)

    Submitted by boogerbutt on Jul 14, 12 at 10:31pm
    • Not trying to ruin the humor, but a jellyfish would die very quickly and any stings wouldn't be too.terrible because the cold causes skin to contract. Depending on how cold he was he could have significant loss of circulation. Unrelated, I live playing with cannonball jellies! Tourist freak the fuck out when I bring one to them and ask if they want to pet it. Lmao

      Submitted by GA_Peach on Jul 15, 12 at 5:42am
      • I was making a Seven Pounds reference, wasn't sure as to the specifics of killing yourself with a jellyfish. However, your comment made me laugh more than anything else on here because of its unexpectedness and earnestness haha

        Submitted by boogerbutt on Jul 15, 12 at 12:20pm
  • isnt the happy kitty sleepy kitty thing from a movie?

    Submitted by glider on Jul 14, 12 at 11:18pm