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  • Submitted by nunubeest on Jul 6, 12 at 6:44pm

    get over it day you'll grow up to be a big boy and you'll move in with a chick and you're gunna both be in the bathroom at the same time doing anything from getting ready for work to nursing the other through bad Indian food and you're going to see her blowing the bottom of that bowl out and the smell will be the most horrific thing ever and unless she laughs and makes a joke about it you will keep your damn mouth shut and pretend its fucking roses

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      Submitted by queenv on Jul 7, 12 at 12:17am

      That's love ! Ha

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      Submitted by wubbazugg on Jul 7, 12 at 5:01am

      SO much win.... But there's 5 people out there somewhere who just don't know what it means to be perfectly comfortable with someone... Sucks to be them huh?

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    Submitted by HippyChick on Jul 6, 12 at 7:55pm

    For the first time you making some sense @nunu

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    Submitted by finalflash08 on Jul 6, 12 at 7:36pm


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    Submitted by Tturbo05 on Jul 7, 12 at 2:04am

    Sister fistin' twat waffle

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    Submitted by zombiebite on Jul 7, 12 at 9:12am

    Bullshit that shitting near each other thing is for marriages and very long term relationships. Its not being completely in love with each other or being comfortable it fucking gross. At lest wait till the sex is dead before you do that. This proves nothing just that your gross and have no class

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    Submitted by phrozenstare on Jul 11, 12 at 4:46pm

    another awkward moment brought to you by the ifail

  • Submitted by ck24 on Jul 6, 12 at 9:29pm

    Be sure to make sure you move into a place with stairs. Just in case that chick tries to say she is knocked up...

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      Submitted by GA_Peach on Jul 7, 12 at 1:54am

      Yes because dead baby jokes are funny. STFU ASSHAT.

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        Submitted by wubbazugg on Jul 7, 12 at 5:03am

        What dead baby joke? I didn't see any.. Gotta be born to be a baby, he's just thinking ahead...\nI'm just playin devils advocate. I really don't find that sort I morbid humor to be my particular slice of cake... I'm plenty fucked up in other ways though :D

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          Submitted by ck24 on Jul 7, 12 at 1:32pm

          Forethought goes a long way to avoid that 18 year stretch of child support and a bitchy ex baby mama looking for continuous handouts...

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        Submitted by ck24 on Jul 7, 12 at 1:34pm

        You mad Peach? was your first apt with your bf on the second level next to some stairs?

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          Submitted by GA_Peach on Jul 8, 12 at 3:17am

          No, I'm not angry and my first real boyfriend is now my husband. Nice try at a slam though. I simply value life more than cheap attempts at comedy.