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  • If you wondered today if several boys stopped thinking girls are icky a little early today, it's Sarah's fault.

    Submitted by GA_Peach on Jun 4, 12 at 4:10pm
  • Ah, talla-trashy! How I love you so....

    Submitted by Florida_pride on Jun 7, 12 at 3:10pm
  • This wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't left the damn kitchen

    Submitted by badmotherfuker86 on Jun 7, 12 at 10:48am
  • Why did Sarah fall of the swing?

    Submitted by ahyeah on Jun 4, 12 at 5:30pm
  • Apparently your chesticles exceeded the weight limit.

    Submitted by Problywasme on Jun 4, 12 at 11:57am
  • Suddenly Sarah got a lot of phone calls from parents of ten year old boys for a baby sitting job.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jun 4, 12 at 7:10pm
  • Why was there a pool full of kids in the kitchen...?

    Submitted by huggybehr on Jun 5, 12 at 5:10am