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    Submitted by D_Rock__ on Jun 1, 12 at 4:37pm

    As I was reading this, I thought "get underages" meant hooking up with underaged girls. And to that, I was going to call you a pervert for watching them. But then I finished reading and I understood the real meaning. Funny text.

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    Submitted by Bloomfield on Jun 2, 12 at 11:52am


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    Submitted by porksword on Jun 1, 12 at 4:49pm

    Wtf are underages?

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    Submitted by ah_zee on Jun 1, 12 at 6:51pm

    Underages are being drunk under 21. Zero tolerance b.s. Wisconsin represent!

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    Submitted by EllasSmokingIt on Jun 19, 12 at 4:38am

    sounds like oshkosh.

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    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jun 2, 12 at 1:17am

    Age of Consent is too high on place places. If they can menstrate or ejacualtle, they should be legal.

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      Submitted by heylookausername on Jun 2, 12 at 5:36pm

      You're an asshole. Little girls are foolish- they'll believe anything some creepy old man tells them and end up losing something they can never get back. That's why age of consent laws exist.

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    Submitted by AbsynthiaFae on Jun 2, 12 at 11:50am

    I don't know. Anything that bleeds for a week every month and doesn't die shouldn't be trusted.