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  • Submitted by bass80hz on May 29, 12 at 12:00pm

    You mean Randy Savage! RIP

    • Submitted by cascott325 on May 29, 12 at 12:36pm

      snap into a slim jim!

      • Submitted by nunubeest on May 29, 12 at 1:26pm


    • Submitted by cfreymarc on May 29, 12 at 11:29pm

      King Kong Bundy!

  • Submitted by RottenKindaCute on Jun 3, 12 at 5:20am

    Its randy savage... Even a girl knows this. btw, mick foley best wrestler of all fucking time. i'd be more impressed it she handed you a shot and said "Liquor is good.. For all MAN KIND!" then again, if you don't know the difference between hulk hogan and macho man, i wouldn't expect you to get that.

  • Submitted by DrunkGunRunner on May 30, 12 at 1:49am

    probably talking about Randy Savage since the kool-aid man didn't flex his muscles.

  • Submitted by mmtija on May 29, 12 at 1:42pm

    That was most definitely Randy Savage, not Hulk Hogan.

  • Submitted by Thatzwhatshesaid on May 29, 12 at 2:05pm

    I that was the Kool-aid man...

  • Submitted by Tylerkees on May 29, 12 at 10:42pm

    Watch out for the adams apple...

  • Submitted by harrypotter36 on May 29, 12 at 6:03pm

    Actually, I think op means like the koolaid man