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  • Had it been 133 5th graders... But, 132 5th graders is fine.

    Submitted by quasijohn24 on May 24, 12 at 4:53pm
  • 1) Best they learn now. \n2) Since when?

    Submitted by menardgcrebs on May 24, 12 at 9:40pm
  • so your looking for work then?

    Submitted by nunubeest on May 24, 12 at 2:49pm
  • On the bright side, at least it's better than if you'd said in front of 132 5th graders that you *do* go around hammering girls in the rear.

    Submitted by cll on May 24, 12 at 10:16pm
  • I say stuff like that all the time in my preschool class- it's legit. It just sounds wrong to adults- but some if the things the do lead to odd statements from me

    Submitted by stwin1 on May 24, 12 at 4:08pm
  • I don't buy it. That was no accident.

    Submitted by porthos9438 on May 24, 12 at 2:45pm
    • Ever reprimand a child and say something that sounded wrong? Watch a pixar movie they are in there lol

      Submitted by GA_Peach on May 24, 12 at 4:32pm
    • I'm a camp director. You'd be surprised at what people say that sounds awful. My counselors always catch it... I get weird looks, but I also get my point across.

      Submitted by SthrnJezeBelle on Jul 3, 12 at 10:46pm
  • Hahahah.

    Submitted by EatmeTwice on May 24, 12 at 3:03pm
  • Yes we do.

    Submitted by Nero905 on May 25, 12 at 10:44am