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  • Never underestimate the power of lustfully seductive "come fuck me" eyes! It's truly a tallented gift!

    Submitted by Hedonistic on May 4, 12 at 9:12am
  • Over the years those eyes have cost me a fortune at the bar. Good luck to you bro, may her eyes truly be the window to her soul.

    Submitted by WhiskerBiscuit on May 4, 12 at 9:33am
  • eye fucking is only enjoyable if its followed by actual fucking.

    Submitted by snowman87 on May 4, 12 at 12:27pm
  • She did it for the free drinks. And breakfast the next morning.

    Submitted by pinkispretty on May 4, 12 at 10:35am
  • More like "Buy me drinks." eyes.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on May 5, 12 at 11:15am
  • do have experiences..and I admire your insightful comments as always. Not even joking here..

    Submitted by haynay23 on May 4, 12 at 8:03pm
  • Agree..

    Submitted by haynay23 on May 4, 12 at 9:31am
  • maybe yall r confusing that with. "ill tke the drinks hold the fuckin" eyes

    Submitted by jennaloo on May 7, 12 at 3:26am
  • No pun intended...or was it?

    Submitted by Problywasme on May 4, 12 at 11:10am