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    Submitted by kin_in_in on Apr 5, 12 at 11:42am

    Tsing Tao. You can practice on the label.

    • 58 96
      Submitted by cfreymarc on Apr 5, 12 at 11:12pm

      That is piss water! Got for Yanjing!

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    Submitted by abbitha_ on Apr 6, 12 at 7:53am

    Chinese beer?

  • Submitted by sick_skullcandy on Apr 5, 12 at 12:44pm

    My heart is yelling at me J. Paul Getty. My head is at the spelling bee w/ Friedrich Nitschze and Jean-Paul Sartre

  • Submitted by WrongNumber69 on Apr 5, 12 at 12:00pm

    Get both, pussy.

  • Submitted by thewhitebuffalo on Apr 5, 12 at 12:28pm

    Always go with your heart. Both will probably give you gas anyways.