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  • there's something for rescue crews to find under the rubble stupid dead guy crushed by debris as he was pounding it into his roommate's now he's forever known as the retarded homoclothes rapist

    Submitted by nunubeest on Apr 4, 12 at 4:32pm
  • One is just rude, the other is a sex crime. You think its funny, but how does a life as a registered sex offender sound?

    Submitted by CajeKraze on Apr 4, 12 at 3:17pm
    • That actually is a sex crime. Then again, so is openly urinating in a public venue.

      Submitted by DerKarismatisch on Jun 25, 12 at 11:11pm
  • I'd have to say the parents part. Blowing on the roommates clothes, a sex crime? Shit, then most of my platoon is fucked.

    Submitted by wubbazugg on Apr 4, 12 at 9:27pm
    • and so the don't ask don't tell floodgates open and the corps becomes the village people navy it was born from and the opening of jarhead goes in a horrible new direction

      Submitted by nunubeest on Apr 4, 12 at 11:24pm
  • Oh DFW hahaha <3

    Submitted by SassiPandaBear on Apr 4, 12 at 10:37pm