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  • Submitted by sailor_man on Mar 20, 12 at 1:13pm

    I approve of this message- guy with a beard...

    • Submitted by yourmomslover2 on Mar 20, 12 at 2:20pm

      Without a beard you're the same as every other woman and child.

    • Submitted by HippyChick on Mar 21, 12 at 6:11am

      heyy..i like your beard :)

  • Submitted by WrongNumber69 on Mar 20, 12 at 3:08pm

    If you can't grow a beard, might as well wear a skirt.

  • Submitted by atlas117 on Mar 20, 12 at 5:46pm

    This just renewed my faith in my beard

  • Submitted by wubbazugg on Mar 20, 12 at 11:32pm

    I can only think... "hipster pussy sort of beard, or lumberjack fuck-like-a-beast sort of beard?"

  • Submitted by NecroSen on Mar 22, 12 at 12:29am

    My girlfriend's motto, as well. Seems to be working out just fine. :)