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  • Sounds like your landlord needs some sex

    Submitted by wxmanify on Mar 16, 12 at 1:38am
  • if a landlord can't appreciate sex damage then you need to find somewhere else to live

    Submitted by corrond56 on Mar 15, 12 at 8:53pm
  • Doesn't matter had sex.

    Submitted by smittyd04 on Mar 15, 12 at 6:01pm
  • There's nothing glorious about a glory hole.

    Submitted by BDVille on Mar 15, 12 at 2:09pm
  • lmao! my head and shoulder put a giant hole in my wall! love me some rough sex!

    Submitted by specialgirl on Mar 15, 12 at 2:54pm
  • He would have taken it better if you didn't try to demonstrate how it happened.

    Submitted by jonathan171 on Mar 16, 12 at 8:32pm