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    Submitted by likeahoss on Jan 23, 12 at 1:23pm

    Obligatory stripper text std reference in 3...2...1...\n\nYour next shot shouldn't be a mystery. Penicillin at the clinic.

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    Submitted by bulllwinkle on Jan 23, 12 at 6:31pm

    He is... the most interesting man in the world.

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    Submitted by keto06 on Jan 23, 12 at 10:32am

    well done sir...

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    Submitted by bonjourbella on Jan 24, 12 at 1:01am

    seems like she would have gotten fired or at the very least sent home after dumping a drink on a customer's head.. maybe your place was the next best option for continuing the party :p

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    Submitted by BrosambaBinLaden on Jan 24, 12 at 5:11am

    Keep that girl handy! Free Fuckin lapdances!!

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    Submitted by Massive_Attack on Jan 23, 12 at 11:28am

    Nice! How do you recover from getting a beer poured on your head?!