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  • Mitt Romney?

    Submitted by porksword on Jan 12, 12 at 11:19am
  • If you think mormons are closet freaks, try the Amish the crash the house parties around Bucknell.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jan 12, 12 at 10:55am
  • Sweet on the streets and a freak in the sheets. They all are.

    Submitted by supertroupet on Jan 12, 12 at 10:53am
    • especially with them child brides...oh yea they stopped doing that *wink wink*

      Submitted by nunubeest on Jan 12, 12 at 2:53pm
  • Wtf...?!

    Submitted by drc041 on Jan 12, 12 at 10:41am
  • Someone call Trey Parker and Matt Stone, "Orgazmo II" could be very ... different.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jan 13, 12 at 4:32am
  • Go forth and spread the good word, pantyhose.

    Submitted by WApple on Jan 12, 12 at 5:55pm
  • Mormons are tricky. They're usually only really Mormon around other Mormons. Alone, or with non-Mormons, they are fucking freaks.

    Submitted by wubbazugg on Jan 14, 12 at 2:26am