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  • Submitted by agroupofninjas on Jan 11, 12 at 2:13pm

    boom. headshot

  • Submitted by only1me on Jan 11, 12 at 2:39pm

    Rule of three = 1 girl. Nice try tho;)

  • Submitted by nunubeest on Jan 11, 12 at 10:49pm

    this is some high-school bullshit right here

  • Submitted by grandmasboy on Jan 11, 12 at 2:44pm

    ...if you were really occupied by 3 sets of tits would you interrupt it to send a vengeful text??

    • Submitted by batninja357 on Jan 11, 12 at 4:41pm

      It's called latency period ;)

  • Submitted by emykhamilton on Jan 11, 12 at 9:14pm

    Well if ur texting her ur not actually ignoring her...

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    Submitted by bra on Jan 13, 12 at 2:12pm

    Who said OP was a guy..\n\nIt just got ten times better

  • Submitted by wayfarer4life on Jan 11, 12 at 2:31pm

    I can't tell, who is winning the break-up??!

  • Submitted by cheezwhiz13 on Jan 11, 12 at 1:29pm

    haha niceee

  • Submitted by thedon923 on Jan 11, 12 at 6:23pm

    Atta baby!! She has been mind fucked

    • Submitted by jonathan619 on Jan 11, 12 at 7:29pm

      Can you feel me mind fucking you right now?

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jan 11, 12 at 2:40pm

    Hopefully simultaneously.

  • Submitted by JohnTheBaptist on Jan 11, 12 at 8:20pm

    anybody feel quality over quantity I know three I would trade for one... jus saying.

    • Submitted by porksword on Jan 11, 12 at 9:54pm

      Three 3's make a nine!

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Jan 12, 12 at 1:54am

    Like a boss! Send pics to her.

  • Submitted by nutcase on Jan 15, 12 at 12:30am

    Pass the STD's please.

  • Submitted by yewinnhard on Jan 12, 12 at 8:11am

    Ahahaha this ridiculous bitch got burnt bad!!

  • Submitted by magg3 on Jan 12, 12 at 12:41am


  • Submitted by BrosambaBinLaden on Jan 12, 12 at 3:15am

    Bahahaha i like the boom headshot touch

  • Submitted by haynay23 on Jan 11, 12 at 7:46pm

    Love this. Btw are you not gonna get back with her after all? You can have 4 girls then..???

  • Submitted by Erotophobia on Jan 11, 12 at 1:59pm

    Epic indeed

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    Submitted by franswa22 on Feb 6, 12 at 4:16am

    This is so what's happening with me!!

  • Submitted by awilson41208 on Jan 12, 12 at 4:35pm

    LIKE A BOSS!!!

  • Submitted by EVERslckCHICK on Jan 11, 12 at 1:50pm

    That's pretty epic

  • Submitted by testtest on Jan 12, 12 at 7:00am


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    Submitted by juststop19 on Jan 19, 12 at 11:53pm

    bitch deserved it