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  • be happy he's even talking to you...minecraft is crack

    Submitted by nunubeest on Jan 9, 12 at 5:51pm
  • Hey, dont knock tree punchers. They have a hard enough time with creepers without you wanting to talk about "feelings."

    Submitted by Rabbit37 on Jan 9, 12 at 5:00pm
  • I don't think texting someone about your sex life is the way to go anyways..

    Submitted by EversickChick on Jan 9, 12 at 7:16pm
  • Story of my life...

    Submitted by ..!..__(^_^)__.. on Jan 9, 12 at 11:08pm
  • No, because I'm trying to play minecraft and you won't shut the fuck up.

    Submitted by Thompson11 on Jan 11, 12 at 2:08am
  • Minecraft > discussing sex life but minecraft definately < getting laid

    Submitted by chadrag on Jan 9, 12 at 5:36pm
  • At least it wasn't MW3.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Jan 10, 12 at 8:55am