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  • Submitted by SCBeauty1983 on Jan 6, 12 at 3:57pm

    Sounds like a legit justification to me.

  • Submitted by swallows on Jan 7, 12 at 2:51pm

    Should have peed in her. Don't jack up the girls shoes.

  • Submitted by ghashlycrumbs on Jan 6, 12 at 11:45pm

    Well, if they weren't pretty before, they certainly are now.

  • Submitted by slaesar on Jan 6, 12 at 6:48pm

    I think it's time for you to come out of the closet.

  • Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Jan 6, 12 at 11:50pm

    And her sober justification for caving in yer skull with a fryin pan is that yer a drunken douche nozzle.

  • Submitted by Luvvyboo2 on Jan 6, 12 at 2:42pm

    Couldn't you just have found a bathroom?