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  • talking about urself in the 3rd person makes E1 look down on u

    Submitted by 420mommie on Dec 31, 11 at 10:08am
    • e1...?

      Submitted by 08GSXR600 on Dec 31, 11 at 8:40pm
      • "everyone"...and someone's been hitting the 420 just a bit too hard. Also, someone should re-evaluate their criticism of others communication skills. heh.

        Submitted by SoMuchStupidity on Jan 1, 12 at 2:26am
  • The Rachel certainly is full of Rachel, isn't Rachel?

    Submitted by killemall on Dec 31, 11 at 12:47pm
  • Wow...the Rachel sounds like a cow

    Submitted by mthib on Dec 31, 11 at 9:50am
  • This is why you don't put Stage 5 clingers on your booty-call list.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Dec 31, 11 at 9:35pm
  • Is the Rachel her pussy or another personality?

    Submitted by UniqueNordic on Dec 31, 11 at 2:44pm
  • I thought the Rachel was a haircut

    Submitted by idontlikethis on May 27, 13 at 10:52pm
  • I thought a Rachel was a Reuben with cole slaw instead of sauerkraut. Either way I'd prefer to fuck a woman if possible. Check please?

    Submitted by cannabislecter on Dec 31, 11 at 12:50pm
  • So next time put her on all fours and pull her hair . Sounds like a hatefuck challenge

    Submitted by Waterboard on Jul 9, 12 at 11:01pm
  • wasn't new York attacked by the Rachel and spawned lil Rachels that bit you and made monsters grow within..pretty sure there was a documentary about it

    Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 31, 11 at 1:08pm
  • Yeah, "the Rachel sounds like a cow." A cow who is straight up about things with a douche she was kind enough to sleep with and tells him why he should stop whining and lessening his chances of a return visit. Suck it up OP.

    Submitted by cunjl on Dec 31, 11 at 10:24am