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  • Submitted by porksword on Dec 29, 11 at 8:16pm

    You don't need to wrap it if you're just gonna whack it, duh.

  • Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 29, 11 at 5:05pm

    melt one down and add milk...ooooohhh makes the panties drop

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    Submitted by jesuschelsi on Dec 31, 11 at 6:08am

    that is truly amazing.

  • Submitted by SkepticTank on Dec 30, 11 at 2:14pm

    No you didn't - you wish you did but you didn't. You might even think you did but you didn't. Good story though.

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    Submitted by amberkempef on Dec 30, 11 at 1:41am


  • Submitted by lostintime13 on Dec 29, 11 at 10:08pm

    I love those!!! The dark chocolate ones are amazing.

  • Submitted by OMG_A_DIGLETT on Dec 29, 11 at 4:06pm

    Resourcefulness. HIRED! 1337

  • Submitted by afrojew on Jan 2, 12 at 10:03pm

    this is epitome of gluttony

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    Submitted by 4Dope2Girl0 on Apr 26, 12 at 9:27pm

    HAHAHAHA I did that.... except, I dunno if I actually tried to 'wack-and-unwrap'.

  • Submitted by Jennamatic_3000 on Dec 29, 11 at 6:24pm

    Uck, those things taste like ass.

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    Submitted by nilesf1 on May 27, 13 at 9:54pm

    That shit doesn't whack and unwrap half the time anyway. Points for creative problem solving.