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  • must be a wood collector.

    Submitted by slinging_liquor on Dec 18, 11 at 10:45am
  • young girls are like carpenters. No good wood goes unused.

    Submitted by Kevin201 on Dec 18, 11 at 11:14am
  • christ this is a leaked transcript of the new mission impossible movie isn't it

    Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 18, 11 at 6:10pm
  • You could make a porcupine collage.

    Submitted by porksword on Dec 18, 11 at 11:33am
  • Worst thing about this post is you're from my area code. :o

    Submitted by Bean966 on Dec 19, 11 at 5:48am
  • bahaha I'm not impressed at all... guys will do anything if they think they have a shot. try getting 14 pics of wet pussies and c what happens.

    Submitted by kyletk21 on Dec 19, 11 at 8:39am
  • Somebody posted their number on Is Anyone Up's creeper post.....

    Submitted by DTOM_308 on Dec 18, 11 at 12:03pm
  • you sound like a whore

    Submitted by creepshades on Dec 18, 11 at 4:25pm