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  • Submitted by keto06 on Dec 16, 11 at 6:51pm

    anyone else imagining 2 chicks?

  • Submitted by W_T_F on Dec 16, 11 at 10:00pm

    Riding her? This is certainly two chicks. Nice.

  • Submitted by MsMegan on Dec 16, 11 at 6:45pm

    Unless you're doing it wrong...

  • Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Dec 16, 11 at 9:27pm

    If I was having sex and that happened I would be laughing too hard to continue.

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    Submitted by mad2physicist on Dec 17, 11 at 2:49am

    I 100% disagree.

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    Submitted by D71 on Jan 6, 12 at 3:02pm

    love it. give it to her harder !

  • Submitted by aawwsshheett on Dec 16, 11 at 7:26pm

    From The Office. Nice.

  • Submitted by calsul19 on Dec 17, 11 at 3:14am

    "unless you're doing it wrong" EXACTLY. I only say "fuck me" if he's already fucking me good <3

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    Submitted by Dr_Rod on Dec 16, 11 at 9:04pm

    Hahahaha! That was an awesome response

  • Submitted by BrosambaBinLaden on Dec 17, 11 at 3:57am

    Nobody wants to fuck you casul. Unless your hot

  • Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 16, 11 at 8:48pm

    what if she screams "ah.. not in the ass..uuugh..ughh..yes....fuck me"..?

  • Submitted by cheezwhiz13 on Dec 16, 11 at 6:39pm

    hahahhaa nice

  • Submitted by lb080109 on Dec 17, 11 at 9:23am

    She was working and me and cal went in and I was likeWTF!!! She said I heard you were back in town and I was like ya and she was like I been trying to get in touch w you and I said o...and then I asked where are the batteries and she told me and that was it lol