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  • Submitted by Skittlehunter on Dec 12, 11 at 4:25pm

    And when a chinchilla decides to shit on your face while you're getting head from its owner, you're one step away from an R. Kelly song.

  • Submitted by W_T_F on Dec 12, 11 at 1:20pm

    I guess they call it a chin chilla' for a reason...

  • Submitted by Topher_85 on Dec 12, 11 at 10:01am

    Now that's a 3-way you might not want to brag about...

  • Submitted by Hedonistic on Dec 12, 11 at 7:57pm

    That well trained chinchilla is only warming up your frosty nose for its owners ride.

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    Submitted by wubbazugg on Dec 12, 11 at 12:07pm

    At least it wasn't a surprise gerbil.

  • Submitted by newyorkGOD on Dec 12, 11 at 6:44pm

    Agreed, u go bro u go

  • Submitted by deathbykitten on Dec 12, 11 at 2:46pm

    It wanted head from you.

  • Submitted by SauceQueen on Dec 12, 11 at 4:01pm

    Her face was sore, when you felt chinchilla. Brrrrrrrrr

  • Submitted by kallimist on Dec 12, 11 at 10:29pm

    My chinchilla died :( saddest day of my life

  • Submitted by omgwat on Dec 12, 11 at 10:52am

    More beastiality! It's on the rise!

  • Submitted by powerstrokeguy on Dec 13, 11 at 12:41am