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  • us horseback riders really know how to ride

    Submitted by preppygirl on Dec 10, 11 at 12:41pm
  • Awesome.

    Submitted by younotforget on Dec 10, 11 at 11:52am
  • Some of us don't have to worry about slippage... if you know what I mean. *wink wink*

    Submitted by bulllwinkle on Dec 10, 11 at 1:40pm
    • good cowgirl requires that the women be lifted up to where just the tip is in..then drop her back down plunging in as you meet her thrust..only thing different for guys is how high you lift

      Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 10, 11 at 5:34pm
  • it is...bucking too much can lead to pulling out and penis breakage

    Submitted by nunubeest on Dec 10, 11 at 12:50pm
    • I've seen pictures of this in a medical book...not made me cringe and hold myself for over an hour.

      Submitted by SnidelyKWhiplash on Dec 10, 11 at 2:10pm
  • Giddy up! Don't get limp

    Submitted by bigdickplaya on Dec 11, 11 at 2:17am
  • That's why I'm a horse back rider. We have mad skills.

    Submitted by LuvvyBoo on Dec 10, 11 at 8:34pm
  • Am I the only one who is terrified that something horrible could happen to my dick in this position?

    Submitted by shadowfenix on Dec 10, 11 at 1:04pm
  • Oh yeah we can definitely ride them real good...

    Submitted by sexybtch on Dec 11, 11 at 1:57am
  • Giddy up

    Submitted by UniqueNordic on Dec 11, 11 at 6:05am
  • yup. us riders are pretty hard core. lol.

    Submitted by freefallin4eva on Jan 10, 12 at 7:51pm
  • I love being on top. But yes once caos hit and his dick actually starting bleeding.

    Submitted by EversickChick on Dec 10, 11 at 4:38pm