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  • Submitted by Phys on Nov 25, 11 at 10:32am

    Can't it be both

  • Submitted by melihay23 on Nov 25, 11 at 12:22pm


  • Submitted by sevensevenseven on Nov 25, 11 at 10:23pm

    Than* Don't drop out of college, stoner.

  • Submitted by BlueSkywalker on Nov 26, 11 at 9:54am

    lies! ::said through clenched teeth::

  • Submitted by rendlesham on Nov 25, 11 at 6:18pm


  • Submitted by grandmasboy on Nov 26, 11 at 9:02am

    Hey! sevensevenseven many stoners are hard working, intelligent people who enjoy smoking pot rather than destroy their livers and rest of their bodies with alcohol. Don't be so ignorant