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  • If you can study, she's not that good.

    Submitted by igotthis on Nov 18, 11 at 9:25am
  • Plus then you'd get a raging boner during the test.

    Submitted by ReesesPoofs on Nov 18, 11 at 12:42pm
  • reeses has a good point

    Submitted by dragonfire987 on Nov 18, 11 at 3:21pm
  • Doing that would make her respect you, possibly even tell people how determined you are. That way more people will give you head! (repeat as long as needed)

    Submitted by ITS_MEEEEE on Nov 19, 11 at 1:02am
  • Depends on whether you're giving it or receiving it.

    Submitted by W_T_F on Nov 18, 11 at 2:44pm
  • No, it would make you look good. You'd look studious.

    Submitted by barrydlutz on Nov 18, 11 at 9:18am
  • This could be from the blower, who doesn't seem that into it if they are wanting to study.

    Submitted by My_Dixie_Wrecked on Nov 18, 11 at 9:06pm
  • Glue them to the top of her head.

    Submitted by yewinnhard on Mar 5, 12 at 7:40am