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  • It really is important to know what you want in life. Props to being well thought out.

    Submitted by memphius on Nov 12, 11 at 10:37am
  • Don't we all....

    Submitted by LillianGrace on Nov 13, 11 at 2:58am
  • Hopefully not in that order. Would definitely have to have the sex first, then the xanax in order to properly enjoy it. Otherwise, I'd just be a rag doll, completely out of it. Good for the guy, not so good for me.

    Submitted by eScargo on Nov 12, 11 at 10:42am
  • Sign me up!

    Submitted by dynasty55 on Nov 12, 11 at 11:59pm
  • Lurve me some Xanax

    Submitted by lsimz4 on Nov 12, 11 at 1:19pm

    Submitted by breaksjunkie on Nov 12, 11 at 11:03am