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  • Those law students throw some bitchin' parties.

    Submitted by Burns on Oct 28, 11 at 2:26pm
  • I never could understand why it is so hard to make it outside or to the bathroom.

    Submitted by Knocky64 on Oct 28, 11 at 12:29pm
  • Beautiful.

    Submitted by dsiding on Oct 28, 11 at 1:08pm
  • I gave up reading after the first line.

    Submitted by bigtits_85 on Oct 29, 11 at 2:47am
  • Lame

    Submitted by Shakeandbake1031 on Oct 28, 11 at 3:09pm
  • Only rule needed; handle your alcohol pussy!

    Submitted by porksword on Oct 28, 11 at 4:01pm
  • tl;dr

    Submitted by marianasgirl on Oct 28, 11 at 8:27pm
  • Dumb. Have to tarp the whole place or just deal with it later. Whoever came up with this has way too much time on her hands.

    Submitted by mjo on Oct 29, 11 at 8:16am
  • Boring? Or just brilliant, for next day clean up?

    Submitted by Summer2397 on Oct 28, 11 at 12:49pm
  • Sounds like THE most fuckin' boring party ever. Plus, if you actually think some random tanked dood is going to make it to the tarp... Good luck tp you and your upcoming dry-cleaning bill.

    Submitted by Mercen on Oct 28, 11 at 11:19am
  • Brilliant

    Submitted by canucks604 on Oct 29, 11 at 12:17am
  • I'm adding this to my apartment rules.

    Submitted by JohnStayMoist on Oct 28, 11 at 10:59pm
  • This is why Louisiana lawyers are fucking amazing!!

    Submitted by blueyedkat on Nov 6, 11 at 5:50am
  • This is like something from "I hope they serve beer in hell"...awesome

    Submitted by kt11791 on Oct 28, 11 at 3:19pm