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  • Submitted by LordJebus on Oct 21, 11 at 2:28pm

    That's how his sister probably got it in the first place.

  • Submitted by SserPrun95 on Oct 21, 11 at 7:28pm

    one more time, where is the fine line between prostitution and dating?

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      Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 22, 11 at 4:07am

      *shrugs* even courting a woman for marriage was partly a way to see what her dowry was...

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        Submitted by gingersuperhero on Nov 16, 11 at 2:26am

        yeah, but the dowry was paid to the man. Making him the prostitute, and the bride the jon. lol

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      Submitted by Teecup on Oct 23, 11 at 3:18am

      I wanna give your comment a thumbs up but id feel bad if I were the reason it changed from 66 haha

  • Submitted by jerm69anl on Oct 22, 11 at 12:32am

    i feel like its more like she doesnt know shame. she sold her body for a fucking necklace.

  • Submitted by porksword on Oct 21, 11 at 4:35pm

    Hope she was gentle with him, anal can be painful!

  • Submitted by EdgeO on Oct 22, 11 at 10:26am

    Sounds like a good deal.

  • Submitted by austink123 on Oct 22, 11 at 1:09am

    Worth it.

  • Submitted by hacker201 on Oct 21, 11 at 2:14pm

    Oops *conscience

  • Submitted by hacker201 on Oct 21, 11 at 2:13pm

    Shame or conscious?

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    Submitted by KrisDK on Oct 22, 11 at 8:40am

    That's fucking awesome !

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    Submitted by hogfish on Sep 3, 12 at 9:45pm

    He's an Indian giver

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    Submitted by Dsapeer on Jun 13, 13 at 7:26pm

    I see no problem with this.