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  • Don't fuck with that, the unstable ones always snap in the end.

    Submitted by polomarco on Oct 14, 11 at 12:18am
  • Nope, all he has going for him is a chick with low standards.

    Submitted by porksword on Oct 13, 11 at 4:14pm
  • Till he blacks out and kills you with a hammer out of love. Funfun

    Submitted by krazybobblehead on Oct 13, 11 at 4:14pm
  • aww *sad face* thats mean.

    Submitted by hooty88 on Oct 13, 11 at 5:28pm
    • Yes very mean what's better is that he'll forget all the nice things you or anyone else has done for him and take it out on some other girl. And the moral of the story is don't have crap parents and friends so you won't be weak.

      Submitted by dreamcatcher on Oct 14, 11 at 7:11am
  • Wow, way to be a decent human being. That was sarcasm.

    Submitted by MD86 on Oct 15, 11 at 11:54pm
  • Karma, sister. I hope you think of him WHEN you're taken advantage of. You are cruel.

    Submitted by freakyleo on Oct 16, 11 at 3:31am