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  • Submitted by W_T_F on Jul 12, 11 at 10:37pm

    He didn't fuck you when you were drunk and IN HIS BED. What makes you think he wants to just because you've been single as long as it takes you to tie your shoes? You're an idiot. I bet he saved you in his phone as dick socket.

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      Submitted by XZero on Jul 14, 11 at 11:18am

      We got problems if it takes 11 minutes to tie your shoes.

  • Submitted by yer_mom on Jul 12, 11 at 5:22pm

    It's a wonder you're single.

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    Submitted by caliroll on Jul 12, 11 at 3:12pm


  • Submitted by katielou on Jul 12, 11 at 10:13pm

    I don't like how all the guys get hi fives for being assholes and the guys on here try to make you feel like a slut!! Way to go girl!!

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    Submitted by Michguy on Jul 12, 11 at 5:50pm

    No longer single several minutes later.

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    Submitted by melonhead99 on Jul 12, 11 at 7:47pm

    Wow. Just wow

  • Submitted by haliganbar on Jul 13, 11 at 6:55am

    Single, used, and covered in cum in only 14 minutes. It's a new record.

  • Submitted by RoffMain on Jul 12, 11 at 10:31pm

    She needed that 11 minutes to mourn the loss of the deepest human relationship she will ever have.

  • Submitted by urallstupid on Jul 14, 11 at 8:49pm

    Mayhem, is that you?

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    Submitted by AlwaysTheDriver on Jul 13, 11 at 7:18am

    Where can I meet a nice girl like that?\n[seriously]

  • Submitted by PoisonMookie on Jul 19, 11 at 5:30pm

    Way to get back on the horse.

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    Submitted by funzo on Aug 7, 11 at 9:49am

    good ol london st thomas!

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    Submitted by PSUbrew on Jul 13, 11 at 1:10pm

    This is all that's going to be left when her looks go haha

  • Submitted by Damn7 on Jul 13, 11 at 11:42pm

    Ha thats perfect.. Hope you made it happen

  • Submitted by porksword on Jul 12, 11 at 7:35pm

    Yes! Let's make retarded babies!

  • Submitted by neplusultra on Jul 13, 11 at 7:41pm

    Yeah London Ontario is classy. Probably a western student too.

  • Submitted by tequila1996 on Nov 8, 11 at 4:07pm

    too soon honey too soon .