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  • @Bowfishinlady: you're a fuckin idiot

    Submitted by hwrecker on Jul 9, 11 at 1:10pm
  • is it THAT serious. like damn this is tfln. laugh and then go on to the next one.

    Submitted by thatgirlally on Jul 9, 11 at 9:51pm
  • There are obviously bisexuals every teen girl in high school told me she was.

    Submitted by EMTPirate on Jul 9, 11 at 1:35pm
  • Thinking there is a fine line here is gaythink.

    Submitted by RN4504 on Jul 12, 11 at 11:01pm
  • There are qu eer dudes that like to do chicks, but they are still qu eer...

    Submitted by DebbieDowners on Jul 9, 11 at 11:43pm
  • Srh480 go hang yourself

    Submitted by Gibbss on Jul 9, 11 at 4:31pm
  • Nice!

    Submitted by yer_mom on Jul 11, 11 at 6:34am
  • Wow what a bunch of retards

    Submitted by boxerdude on Jul 9, 11 at 4:14pm
  • Agreed.

    Submitted by RD1GD on Jul 9, 11 at 12:38pm
  • show me the studies that prove that? I know a lot of bisexuals.

    Submitted by thra6646 on Jul 9, 11 at 1:25pm
  • Really. REALLY?!

    Submitted by motorteeth on Jul 10, 11 at 8:41am
  • there is no such thing as g a y. reason being. there is always penetration. penetration is a straight thing. there for there is a such thing as bi sexual... hate to be a downer, Debbie

    Submitted by srh480 on Jul 9, 11 at 2:04pm
  • I hate to be a downer but there is no such thing as bi sexual, if a guy takes it in the ass they are fuckin g a y if a girl licks a pu$$y she is fuckin' g a y

    Submitted by bowfishinlady on Jul 9, 11 at 10:58am