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    Submitted by xbb2226 on Jun 30, 11 at 5:40am

    nothin like a good teabag!

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    Submitted by porksword on Jun 28, 11 at 1:45pm

    Playing gladiators?

  • Submitted by courtchronic on Jun 29, 11 at 1:50am

    I love when my nights end up with sack sweat in my face. Means shit went well!

  • Submitted by enormoustard on Jun 29, 11 at 3:10am

    I bet you say that to all the other boys on your high school wrestling team...

  • Submitted by texting123 on Jun 28, 11 at 2:52pm

    No one would ever say that. Fake

    • Submitted by Phayle on Jun 29, 11 at 10:03am

      No one would make a comment like this. Fake.

  • Submitted by ringo420 on Jun 28, 11 at 4:41pm

    somebody got snorkled