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    Submitted by outdrinksyou on Jun 3, 11 at 10:52am

    cought lol

  • 60 74
    Submitted by Griffmaster01 on Jun 3, 11 at 12:25pm

    The mistake hardly caught my attention.

  • 63 88
    Submitted by drangonfist on Jun 3, 11 at 9:23am

    Maybe you were too heavy to catch. Or too slippery from just having been in the shower.

  • Submitted by W_T_F on Jun 3, 11 at 1:34pm

    Maybe they thought if you fell and hit your head your spelling would improve

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    Submitted by Girlbaby on Jun 8, 11 at 5:15pm

    Maybe we were too pissed ohff after you gave a BJ to our boyfriends!