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  • Submitted by moobbbss on May 21, 11 at 9:59am


  • Submitted by Yourmomslover on May 21, 11 at 11:16am

    I wish I still had my foreskin.... That's why I'm growing it back! Foreskin restoration ftw

  • Submitted by Synner on May 21, 11 at 11:26am

    My ex referred to his as a Kenny hood, like from southpark.

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    Submitted by msu_chelsie06 on May 22, 11 at 3:10pm

    And his fat rolls as insulation??

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    Submitted by mogmog on May 21, 11 at 8:19pm

    He'll be wearing your skin next.

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    Submitted by outdrinksyou on May 21, 11 at 10:53am


  • Submitted by yourmysmile2010 on May 21, 11 at 4:39pm

    That's better then the time me in an ex took a shower together. He stuck his junk between his legs and asked me, "does this make me look girly?"

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    Submitted by homegrown2420 on May 21, 11 at 7:41pm

    Wow that's a strange pet name lol

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    Submitted by rotflmfao on May 23, 11 at 10:31am

    I wish I could vote thumbs down twice

  • Submitted by MrPhone on May 21, 11 at 11:03am

    Go to the bathroom and come back with a razor blade, that will solve both problems.