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  • Submitted by mccheesy on May 20, 11 at 3:34pm

    i have nothing to say to this comment, i just wanted to get more votes than that silly smophie comment

  • Submitted by Phys on May 20, 11 at 6:47pm

    Just think of seeing your mom's friend like looking into the future

  • Submitted by sergieaux on May 20, 11 at 4:20pm

    what a whore.

  • Submitted by grapemist on May 20, 11 at 3:38pm

    You got my vote mccheesy!

  • Submitted by WaterBabe619 on May 21, 11 at 3:52am

    Shouldn't it be "than" and not "then"?...just saying lol

  • Submitted by satanslilhelper on May 21, 11 at 10:10am

    at least yoy have some foresight of what YOU will be like at 50

  • Submitted by colan08 on May 20, 11 at 8:36pm

    Almost like that chick in Grandma's Boy...?

  • Submitted by Michguy on May 20, 11 at 7:01pm

    Nice role model.

  • Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on May 21, 11 at 6:34am

    Someone who's 50 today probably started having sex before the mid-80s, which was when everyone started worrying about AIDS. It was a different time and the rules were different. I was around, but was kind of a late bloomer, and just missed that era. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I *am* glad I'm still here, though.

  • Submitted by BOOSHandorKAKOW on May 20, 11 at 6:20pm

    I'm here if ya need any help

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    Submitted by retribution74205 on May 26, 11 at 12:01am


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    Submitted by badmitch on May 25, 11 at 7:39pm

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    Submitted by egoody08 on May 21, 11 at 2:52am

    id help u with that challenge if i could. joke

  • Submitted by badbadkitty on May 24, 11 at 10:16am

    That reminds me of the lady on the movie Grandmas Boy haha

  • Submitted by Smophie on May 20, 11 at 3:20pm

    Hopefully First, and LOL, *faves*