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  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 7, 11 at 12:03pm

    What, "I'll get you later babe" is okay when you're a guy, but god forbid a woman should fail to return the favor? Fuck that, get yours girl.

  • Submitted by justme09 on May 7, 11 at 2:24pm

    If it took him 40 minutes, he's doing it wrong.

  • Submitted by jltc on May 7, 11 at 1:56pm

    This is not what boys do, this is what dicks do.

  • Submitted by gjzk on May 7, 11 at 11:15am

    Or just a bitch

  • Submitted by pvgirl281 on May 7, 11 at 1:54pm

    You go girl :)

  • Submitted by itszfer8 on May 7, 11 at 2:29pm

    i wouldve deffinitely finnished on her hair.. Wake up with a head full of goo ^_^

  • Submitted by Downtownsbrown on May 7, 11 at 6:10pm

    I hate is when a guy goes down on me for longer than 10 minutes. 40 minutes, and I would have passed out from boredom.

  • Submitted by bunny420 on May 7, 11 at 9:54pm

    Hell yeah girl, role model material. And I'm not joking haha

  • Submitted by alybabee on May 8, 11 at 11:23pm

    Well I hope u enjoyed it cause I bet u he'll never go down on u again after this.

  • Submitted by Michguy on May 7, 11 at 1:13pm

    Bad karma.

  • Submitted by BondDaddy on May 7, 11 at 2:07pm

    And he pretended to care. Then the GHB kicked in and he smashed that ass and finished off with a dirty sanchez. (just guessing)

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    Submitted by distinkt on May 11, 11 at 3:07am

    haha best trick in the book, oh man whatever, men cum ALL the time. they LOVE eating pussy! We'er DELICOUS! and eventually it gets them really great sex and maybe a jay. A bitch?! bah, he's fuckin lucky!

  • Submitted by TheMoreYouKnow on May 8, 11 at 8:33am

    If he's down there for 40 minutes, he's either really bad, or reallllyyyy good ;) I love me a man who can me cumming all night long (or for at least 40 minutes)

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    Submitted by distinkt on May 11, 11 at 3:03am

    Haha best trick in the book.

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    Submitted by penisdrizzle on May 11, 11 at 9:44pm

    Hell yeah!

  • Submitted by CaliiGirl1989 on May 12, 11 at 8:50pm

    Love it! Done it lived it loved it! Atta girl!

  • Submitted by takinAshit on May 8, 11 at 11:11am

    I like eating pussy but if a chick did that i would put gum in her hair and not just one piece. Dont be a bitch if someone is doing something nice. 40 minutes is a sore jaw the next morning

  • Submitted by castrodela on May 7, 11 at 1:30pm

    What a bitch

  • Submitted by texas2newyork on May 7, 11 at 3:11pm


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    Submitted by stikybriches on Jan 20, 13 at 8:41am

    I'd just fuck you after you passed out if you were gonna be like that

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    Submitted by stikybriches on Dec 19, 12 at 3:03pm

    I'd say go ahead and mount her and see how long she keeps pretending