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  • congratulations, you can now be a respected member of society for having a heart.

    Submitted by duckdown on Apr 26, 11 at 6:01pm
  • Wow. Shes a whore for a one night stand? Guys do it and they're gods? Fuck that. She just wants to have fun. This post is funny as hell too. Plus just cuz she tried to sneak out doesn't mean she has no heart, she doesn't owe him anything. He got her home. End of story.

    Submitted by kdogchatterbox on Apr 27, 11 at 9:55am
    • Only other guys who sleep around a lot think guys who sleep around a lot are gods and give them high fives. In reality they're just womanizers who may end up single forever, which won't be as fun as it sounds when they're older and balding and no attractive young women want to sleep with them anymore.

      Submitted by Taipan on Apr 28, 11 at 11:52am
  • @Taipan. Kissme didn't say "most", s/he said "more". But well done on one of your less angry responses.

    Submitted by 3knucklesdeep on Apr 26, 11 at 5:34pm
    • I read Kiss's comment as saying more women want to hit it and quit it than those who don't. Which would be the same as "most" but eh, I could be wrong. She could mean more than previously.

      Submitted by Taipan on Apr 26, 11 at 7:24pm
  • hit me up. ill wake up before you and still let you sneak out

    Submitted by FuckYoOpinion89 on Apr 27, 11 at 12:50pm
  • You can stiff him again for drinks!

    Submitted by blowme469 on Apr 27, 11 at 10:53pm
  • Op could very well be a girl. If you still think guys are the ones that want sex and girls want relationships, you are quite behind in today's times. In fact more girls today just want too "hit it and quit it" and guys indeed are chasing them.

    Submitted by KissMe_imCAJUN on Apr 26, 11 at 3:35pm
    • You shouldn't generalize with either gender. I don't think "most" women today want to hit it and quit it. People tend to think that if all the people in their group/area do something, it means everyone else in the world behaves the same way. Even in a college setting, there are tons of women in monogamous relationships.

      Submitted by Taipan on Apr 26, 11 at 4:48pm
  • You're all stupid for arguing about genders and somethingtofind is a whore.

    Submitted by feliciadatkins on Apr 26, 11 at 11:32pm
  • i posted this, its a girl...

    Submitted by somethingtofind on Apr 26, 11 at 9:05pm
  • Pretty sure saying "yea" when you wanted to say "no" is impolite to yourself, most importantly, and to him as well

    Submitted by atlas117 on Jun 14, 12 at 4:45am
  • Pure class.

    Submitted by fromthepharcyde on Apr 27, 11 at 4:20am
  • OP is a guy.

    Submitted by ImKeithStone on Apr 26, 11 at 3:04pm
  • First. Owned. Pro. Legit. 1337.

    Submitted by jaesm17 on Apr 26, 11 at 2:41pm