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  • Submitted by SuperNintendo on Mar 27, 11 at 6:56pm

    Ah, so your the one who made the Mario Bros Movie

  • Submitted by Steak_Knife on Mar 27, 11 at 4:41pm

    Just what exactly did you do to get a restraining order from Universal Studios?

  • Submitted by lmao_at_you on Mar 27, 11 at 5:13pm

    Dry hump the shit out of the captain sparrow lookalike...

  • Submitted by FartsAtWork on Mar 27, 11 at 11:24pm

    Damon Wayans?

  • Submitted by Phys on Mar 27, 11 at 6:36pm

    Knowing this site I'm guessing her friend's bad boyfriend and the Universal Studios event are connected

  • Submitted by bee222 on Mar 29, 11 at 1:06am

    I'm wondering along with Steak_Knife?