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  • This is only amusing after having read that 60% of those tray tables have been found to have MRSA on them. Enjoy!

    Submitted by Sothrn on Mar 23, 11 at 10:36pm
  • You guys are the coolest. Let's argue over who has better addictions some more. Go drugs! \n\n\nDumbasses.

    Submitted by leslieb21 on Mar 23, 11 at 5:24pm
  • Percs? Really? What are you 13? I'm bangin like 7 gram rocks cause thats I roll.

    Submitted by its_me__hans on Mar 23, 11 at 2:19pm
  • percs, really? What are you 13? why dont you graduate to some better stuff.

    Submitted by erk213 on Mar 23, 11 at 2:10pm
  • Blew? Snorted.

    Submitted by 505_MoUsE_rAt on Mar 23, 11 at 6:01pm
  • You fail.

    Submitted by Charlie_Sheen on Mar 23, 11 at 8:45pm
  • How was the Tylenol you idiot!! Snorting percocet is stupid it's more Tylenol than actual oxycodone, dumbass!!

    Submitted by nursejen on Mar 23, 11 at 8:25pm
    • Take 325mg of Acetaminophen and then take 5mg of Oxycodone and tell me which one fucks you up. More does not equal stronger.

      Submitted by Stoic on Mar 24, 11 at 4:27am
  • Did the stewardess give u your first time flyer wings too?

    Submitted by shhhhhhH on Mar 23, 11 at 2:50pm
  • @famlytree, it's spelled Percocet.

    Submitted by acarli1 on Mar 23, 11 at 3:59pm
  • Wouldn't that be illegal? Or is it just frowned upon?

    Submitted by Anonymous1024 on Mar 23, 11 at 7:03pm
  • A perc really? If u said 3 roxy 30s ild be impressed cause that's how I roll

    Submitted by tatteredtorn on Mar 23, 11 at 2:20pm
  • You people are idiots, have fun ruining your life and working at McDonald's haha

    Submitted by spiced on Apr 2, 11 at 7:53pm
  • Totally agree, leslieb12!

    Submitted by SALIA on Mar 24, 11 at 12:15am
  • So cool. Maybe we can find you a heroin dealer when you get home.

    Submitted by dadx2 on Mar 23, 11 at 1:59pm
  • @ky80 a perc is a percoset

    Submitted by famlytree on Mar 23, 11 at 3:30pm
  • Guys what the hell is a perc?

    Submitted by ky80 on Mar 23, 11 at 2:32pm
  • Lightweights are cute. More for me

    Submitted by bunny420 on Mar 23, 11 at 4:56pm
  • winning!

    Submitted by ilove313 on Mar 24, 11 at 8:22pm