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  • She shouldn't be talking with her mouth full.

    Submitted by goodhead50 on Mar 18, 11 at 9:46am
  • Self approving whores... Love em.

    Submitted by Duicew1 on Mar 18, 11 at 9:31am
  • Or he is hung like a cheeto and she is talking around it.

    Submitted by CptCheesecake on Mar 18, 11 at 11:30pm
  • she may have been doing it wrong...did she make really dry for him?

    Submitted by colan08 on Mar 19, 11 at 2:04pm
  • ..if shes talking, she's not blowing him, they're fucking.

    Submitted by alybabee on Mar 19, 11 at 12:22am
  • Just bring the mic down if it's too loud

    Submitted by said8ED on Mar 19, 11 at 1:42am
  • Or the dude sounds like a girl and that's what the friend heard

    Submitted by Irisheveryday on Mar 18, 11 at 2:28pm
  • See, this text is funny, because the OP said the wrong thing! She isn't blowing him, they are having sex! Hahahaha!

    Submitted by manlaw6 on Mar 18, 11 at 10:23am
  • sounds like the one about the girl with the glass eye, who can give a BJ and whistle at the same time\n\nWHAT A MIND FUCK

    Submitted by Starphyre on Sep 10, 11 at 10:51pm
  • If you can hear her talk, she's doing it wrong.

    Submitted by JohnnyGraves on Dec 22, 12 at 1:47pm