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  • Submitted by thaplayer34 on Mar 9, 11 at 5:00am

    In the hood you need to stop being a little bitch and STFU with the same comments!

  • Submitted by FartsAtWork on Mar 8, 11 at 3:34pm

    Ok, can i have the rest of my wine back?

  • 77 97
    Submitted by digthis1 on Mar 8, 11 at 3:25pm

    must be the poster child for "carnival workers"

  • 73 89
    Submitted by Craig7902 on Mar 8, 11 at 12:14pm

    Nah, it'd be vodka in that case.

  • Submitted by rickjames225 on Mar 8, 11 at 12:02pm

    This is a daily thing for most Soviet Russians!

  • Submitted by hoodrat225 on Mar 8, 11 at 4:36pm

    In da hood we sell da dudes tooth if its gold

  • Submitted by tvdh1981 on Mar 8, 11 at 11:33am

    This is obviously fake, insert stupid reason here. Got it for ya manlaw

  • Submitted by shelteredme on Mar 8, 11 at 5:15pm

    tvdh, this is obviously fake because cars don't have floor boards