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  • Submitted by Murtagg on Feb 27, 11 at 9:48am

    Huh. An ACTUAL drunk text and no one likes it. Irony at its best

  • Submitted by jaytkabb on Mar 1, 11 at 9:36pm

    Bob the Builder dubstep mix?

  • Submitted by fairamar on Feb 27, 11 at 11:29am


  • Submitted by typhoon722nd on Feb 27, 11 at 11:06pm

    Da fuck?

  • Submitted by thebatman on Feb 28, 11 at 2:11am

    "Bob the builder, Bob the udder, bob the builder bitch! paypal!" sounds like a great song to me

  • Submitted by vergalina on Feb 28, 11 at 1:13am

    Well this guy actually seemed drunk... Geeeet iiiit?

  • Submitted by candy29 on Feb 27, 11 at 2:10pm

    Kind of disappointing...

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    Submitted by stikybriches on Jan 20, 13 at 8:46am

    Why the fuck is this on here