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  • She's in for a shock

    Submitted by Glazed on Feb 17, 11 at 11:49am
  • I dont care what anyone says \nFirst!

    Submitted by zosergirl on Feb 17, 11 at 11:30am
  • hope she doesn't try drinking plugs and sockets

    Submitted by canonymous on Feb 17, 11 at 12:24pm
  • She needed to recharge it, obviously. Ran out of juice, and that means no screwdrivers.

    Submitted by arthurlux on Feb 17, 11 at 3:28pm
  • @ GoodLuckImWhite\n\nUr dumb. Ur probably a male whore who butt- fucks himself when no chick wants to give ur 1/2 inch dick head!!!!!

    Submitted by daspazatron on Feb 17, 11 at 4:53pm
  • Anyone who said this a good night is dumb . Vodka is unhealthy and you can get electrocuted !

    Submitted by GoodLuckImWhite on Feb 17, 11 at 3:44pm