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  • delightfully tacky

    Submitted by dudeimshawn on Feb 10, 11 at 11:20am
  • Yet unrefined

    Submitted by tipsyseattlegirl on Feb 10, 11 at 11:31am
  • This really all depends on if the uniform covers the baby pouch and stretch marks, if she can have a baby and still look hot in the uniform she hasn't peaked yet she has just hit an all time low.

    Submitted by Emmy88 on Feb 11, 11 at 2:16am
  • Jenna?

    Submitted by royaltea on Feb 10, 11 at 6:54pm
  • Julia Hurley used to work at Hooters and she is now a professional representative for the state of Tennessee.

    Submitted by Griffmaster01 on Feb 10, 11 at 12:55pm
  • Hooters girls have a good track record after dropping the orange pants and moving on. Do not count this girl out.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Feb 10, 11 at 9:40pm
  • 90% chance the chick this is talking about is named Danielle Martin from Hoover. just sayin

    Submitted by damnimbored on Feb 11, 11 at 9:05pm
  • V all that shows is how well you need to do in life to be a politician....

    Submitted by bankdis on Feb 10, 11 at 3:49pm
    • I think it really just shows how little you have to do to not only succeed in, but to represent, the people of Tennessee.

      Submitted by joe_jr_shabadoo on Feb 11, 11 at 12:39am