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  • I call bs on this, I'm a nurse and I'd get fired so fast for doing something as unprofessional as giving a patient my phone number.

    Submitted by girlonthewing on Feb 1, 11 at 7:20pm
  • Like you being straight has anything to do with your life o' fail.

    Submitted by gr8nate on Feb 1, 11 at 8:25pm
  • When you wish upon a Ryan Seacrest...

    Submitted by mstolfe on Feb 1, 11 at 7:05pm
  • That's not something you have to wish for, you know..?

    Submitted by 186 on Feb 1, 11 at 6:24pm
    • who would thumb this down? Nothing wrong with being g@y but who would actively wish for it. And F- TFLN for not letting me use the word "g-y"

      Submitted by SserPrun95 on Feb 2, 11 at 1:02am
  • Fake

    Submitted by zachneedg on Feb 2, 11 at 2:45am
  • Wish granted.

    Submitted by dawgs on Feb 1, 11 at 10:15pm
  • Good news you are

    Submitted by lovetotroll on Feb 1, 11 at 4:09pm