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  • Submitted by FartsAtWork on Jan 28, 11 at 11:45am

    Was this supposed to be a FML?

  • Submitted by thebatman on Jan 28, 11 at 11:46am

    since he's already heard everything, there shouldn't be any surprises when you sleep with him.

  • Submitted by bellisssima on Jan 28, 11 at 12:04pm

    Wrong site. Fail.

  • Submitted by wuddahull on Jan 28, 11 at 5:32pm

    i dont really care if it's copied... i don't read every submission site ever created, so when i read it here it's still funny. isn't that the point?

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      Submitted by AreYouShittinMe on Jan 28, 11 at 9:32pm

      There is no point, which, ironically enough, may very well be the point. Damn you TFLN!

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        Submitted by XxCrimsonxX on Jan 29, 11 at 8:25am

        Duh.. how'd you think they got their popularity? lol

  • Submitted by remygorawr on Jan 28, 11 at 3:21pm

    Ok seriously the point of the person posting this wasn't so some dude could say 'oh that's copied from blah blah blah' noone cares so shut up and let people read the texts

  • Submitted by mkp6778 on Jan 28, 11 at 11:53am

    copied and pasted from ruminations . com. way to be creative.

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      Submitted by dub1 on Jan 28, 11 at 7:24pm

      or they posted it on both. jackass.

  • Submitted by wishiwasrichie on Jan 28, 11 at 6:23pm

    Seriously though!!! Sorry we have lives and only check TFLN... stop hating losers....

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    Submitted by Raaaaawwwwrrr on Feb 2, 11 at 4:17am

    This reminds me of hahahah.

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    Submitted by swaggawagger on Jan 30, 11 at 11:32am


  • Submitted by andthelion on Jan 28, 11 at 3:34pm

    this literally happens to every single person living in an apartment. dumb.

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    Submitted by mrscookiemonster on Feb 1, 11 at 7:56am

    Maybe don't moan so loud in an apartment building with thin walls?

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    Submitted by jaystreet_46 on Jan 23, 13 at 11:25pm

    Today, I was reading the comments and everyone had to ruin it by likening the post to posts from other sites. FML