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  • Submitted by lucky4U on Jan 20, 11 at 3:08pm

    If this was a girl \nEveryone would be\nLike SLUT!\nbut since its a guy\n..he's a legend\nDon't cha just love\nDouble standards!

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      Submitted by wuddahull on Jan 20, 11 at 6:23pm

      but at the same... helllll if i would ever date a guy knowing this about him.... bathroom sex is disgusting on both sides of the gender.

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    Submitted by Figuratively on Jan 20, 11 at 8:32pm

    It's entirely possible that all the encounters this man is talking about are with the same woman, and they are in a loving, mature relationship. i like to have sex in a lot of different places, too, but it's always with the same man.

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    Submitted by monicamischief on Jan 21, 11 at 12:02am

    So THIS man is living the 'high-life', but if this was a female, she would be a TOTAL WHORE. Very lovely, guys. You guys surround yourselves with so many double standards I'm surprised you don't choke on them.

    • Submitted by THEOG on Jan 21, 11 at 12:55am

      Welcome to life, where ancient standards live on in the hearts and minds of men everywhere.

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        Submitted by monicamischief on Jan 21, 11 at 11:41am

        It doesn't at all make it right and mean that we can't call them out on it. Constantly. Drive it into their heads.

  • Submitted by djk37 on Jan 20, 11 at 1:33pm

    This man knows how to live

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    Submitted by awkwardbird on Jan 20, 11 at 2:14pm

    Awh poor Taipan, you need to get laid.

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      Submitted by Taipan on Jan 21, 11 at 3:09pm

      So many wrong assumptions...

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    Submitted by Hierro on Jan 20, 11 at 10:30pm

    Relationships aren't hook ups. Nice try though.

  • Submitted by Taipan on Jan 20, 11 at 2:03pm

    Pretty please stop by the clinic before you stick it in anything else. Man-slut.

  • Submitted by FartsAtWork on Jan 20, 11 at 1:41pm

    And probably saving dough in the process.

  • Submitted by 3knucklesdeep on Jan 20, 11 at 5:43pm

    Ah the romantic pull of the porcelain bowl, the stained plastic seat and the gentle waft of a chlorine block. This guy is living the high life. I wish I was a stud.

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    Submitted by TheSpiritOfJazz on Jan 21, 11 at 10:12pm

    I bet the sender of the text has a small cock and is absolutely rubbish in bed.

  • Submitted by shaness on Jan 22, 11 at 11:23pm

    I like how people are talking about double standards. Oh yea ladies we'll always make more money then you too :D