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  • Submitted by icanfly303 on Jan 13, 11 at 4:34pm

    If ypu're there that often you should start paying rent rofl

    • Submitted by ghotipunx on Jan 14, 11 at 1:05am

      If he is there often enough to have an air mattress then he is paying the form of his bar tab.

  • Submitted by MVD on Jan 14, 11 at 2:38am

    I gotta know which bar! Dare I assume Massillon? I wouldn't fuckin doubt it.. Trash town..

  • Submitted by whiteknave on Jan 13, 11 at 4:55pm

    Unfortunately for you, it will be kept in the Gimp Box.

  • Submitted by eemes on Jan 13, 11 at 6:06pm

    You gotta love hole in the wall bars

    • Submitted by amous623 on Jan 13, 11 at 7:55pm

      there are a lot of those in the 330 lol. i'm curious where this was.

      • Submitted by sumsumsay on Jan 14, 11 at 5:01pm

        maybe streetside...

  • Submitted by stantheman on Jan 13, 11 at 6:24pm

    I hope it wasn't at a homobar. The back room is where they make the penis coladas... Or so I hear.

  • Submitted by BagOshit333 on Jan 13, 11 at 9:35pm

    You fuckin him?

  • Submitted by Funsized_5 on Jan 13, 11 at 10:05pm

    Sounds legit

  • Submitted by klstixbro on Jan 13, 11 at 11:23pm

    U mad barfags?

  • Submitted by Nuggit on Jan 13, 11 at 10:57pm

    "U just hav to share it with the twelve other mexicans I keep back ther"