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  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 30, 09 at 4:46am

    The responses are better than the texts

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 18, 09 at 3:46pm

    hahahah i can totally see the fat anime kids...they'd probably wear lime green tripp pants too, & invader zim shirts.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jun 23, 09 at 6:42pm

    i laughed, like, out loud at this

  • Submitted by virgovixen on Oct 11, 10 at 9:14pm

    why do i love this?

  • Submitted by ktownclown on Feb 12, 11 at 2:20am

    you need to be drunk and or high to get the true humor out of this hahahaha

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Feb 27, 10 at 8:21pm

    Go fuck yourself

  • Submitted by situation on Jan 29, 10 at 11:59pm

    In Soviet Russia bunnies juggle you

  • Submitted by silvershoes5 on Sep 21, 10 at 10:29pm

    This is probably my favorite post on this site.

  • Submitted by xemilymccarthyx on Mar 12, 10 at 5:14pm

    typical vermont.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on May 18, 09 at 11:08am

    This is mad stupid. It's like something two 15 year old anime fantards would text each other. I bet one was wearing a hat with cat ears on it.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 19, 09 at 11:00am

    Which is on fire? Him or the bunnies?