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  • It makes for a good suntan lotion too, so long as you don't have any fat, ravenous postal workers nearby.

    Submitted by ButteredToast on Jan 5, 11 at 11:39am
  • Your mom goes to college

    Submitted by bobbobbyray on Jan 5, 11 at 6:51pm
  • I have a feeling somebody came out of it with a serious craving for french toast.

    Submitted by BamBamGiggity on Jan 5, 11 at 11:20pm
  • well... good luck to whoever gets stuck cleaning that up...

    Submitted by quwoosh on Jan 6, 11 at 12:20am
  • That made me "literally" laugh out loud. Legitimately, too.

    Submitted by bobkat on Jan 9, 11 at 6:45pm